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California's Most Dedicated
Record Retrieval and Litigation Support Service


Westcoast Legal Service's perfect blend of technology, staff, and relationships with custodians helps to get you your records when you need them

Subpoena Services

 Westcoast Legal Service specializes in records production by subpoena and authorization. Let us prepare the documentation needed to request the records you need, communicate and coordinate with the records providers for production and update you along the way and free you up to focus on what matters to you most.

Record Production

Checking your records from the provider for accuracy, clarity and responsiveness before paginating them for free makes for an end product that is useful to you the moment you have access to it

If a provider says they have no records to produce. This triggers our validation and verification procedures to ensure their claim is accurate or get records produced.

Document Cloud

Our clients today need 24/7 access to records information. With the WebExpress portal, you will have that access 365 days a year. Not only to your records, but also the most current status of your request as we work on it. 
Additionally, if you prefer hardcopies of everything then we will gladly send you physical copies of status updates and records if you so choose.

How to Order

Ordering records is easy and convenient.

Coose the method that works best for you:


Online, using our secure request portal powered by our  WebExpress Orders Portal
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Send us a form


Send us an email with your request details and we’ll take it from there 

Once we’ve received and processed your request, we’ll send you an order confirmation within one business day.

Don’t want to go online? No problem, we’re happy to answer your call, or email.

Any other concerns? We’ve earned a reputation for excellent customer service, tell us what you want and let us put our experience to work for you.

Do you find yourself saying things like these:

Getting records is a time-intensive process. We cant always dedicate resources to chasing them down

Record providers are difficult to get ahold of and often don't want to comply with requests

Incomplete records cause headaches and take up even more of our time. We need to have missing records followed up on

We need custodians to certify that they have provided all the records. How do we get them to do that?

What we're doing for you


We save you time and energy by handling communication with the custodian on your behalf.


1925 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008, USA

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